Expert Secrets Review

In dotcom secret  Russell Brunson tells us about funnels. Like how we can create money from funnels and how we can gain loyal followers. If you have not read dotcom secret review I’ll suggest you to read that amazing book first so you can easily understand Expert Secrets.

In expert secrets you will get to know, how to become pro in your niche, how to build loyal followers and who will buy your product by opening your messages. Isn’t it interesting? This book is a must steel for new entrepreneur.

Here’s a short introduction to expert secrets.

Expert Secrets is prequel to Russell Brunson best selling dotcom secret.  This book was published back in 2017 and has 256 pages. Well this book is not too long so you can read and understand it easily.

This book teach you, how to create your own fan following. You do it by becoming an expert and telling people something that left an impact on them, so that  can change their life.

If you look into Russell's signature style, you will find lots of example and stories in which he explained how he built his own following that helped him turn his ClickFunnels business into a $100 million success. Meanwhile you are reading this, Expert Secrets stands at a 4.5 star rating with 168 user reviews on Amazon.

The main focus of the book are the people who are in two types of businesses. The first being those who want to trade in informative products directly. This may include selling eBook, offering a course, coaching or consulting.

The other type of business is someone who wants to use informative products to build their own business. That is what Russell did to turn his Clickfunnel into a business that generates $100 million a year.

Let’s have a look inside this book.

 How to create Mass movement

In the beginning of this book you will learn how to create your mass movement. Well all mass movements consist of 3 common things.

  • All of them have an attractive character
  • Determined to their future and think bigger.
  • Introduce new offers to their buyers

So there are 3 main markets wealth, relationship and health amid them you have to choose that one which is best for you. Like in which field you have polished skills and you can earn money easily. You should know your taste and interest before starting your business. If you have interest in wealth genre then you can invest in stock market, start online business and bitcoin etc.

There is too much competition  in market and it is hard to stand against the people who already have great sales. And Russell knows that, so that’s why he says that one should always come up with new ideas and introduce new deals in markets and keep an eye on his competitors that what they are offering.

Russell tries to set an example for his followers, a role model that the people want to follow in their business and try to become like him. He teaches you how to be creative to keep people interested in your business and how to attract people towards your proposal. That is what it takes to build your loyal following to boost your business.

Once you've built your following, it helps you a lot while promoting your business because then you can move forward and make your products and Funnels with your following at the centre of it all.

At the end of this section of book you will  have an idea who you want to work with and how to make contact with them, what they want and what kind of quality they want.

Growing trust

In any business growing trust is most important thing. Without trust no one will buy your product. In this section of book you will know how to develop trust with your audience. You will learn how to read your buyers mind that what they want.

Russell begins his work on this part with your "One thing" otherwise called "The Domino" at the centre of his attention. This "One Thing" is something that you should do to convince someone about your product and overcome their reservations about it.

After starting your business according to “one thing” you will see a great difference in your business you will see more buyers and trust.

Price of expert secret

Amazon is selling paper version of expert at $13.56. and you can also get kindle version at $.8.69

As I have mentioned in my previous review about dotcom secrets I told that you can get this book for free and all you have to do is pay for shipping that will cost you $7.95. So expert secrets have the same offer if you buy this book directly from his website you will get it for free. Isn’t it amazing? I know right. And that’s how you will also learn his two step free shipping funnel. So I’ll definitely recommend you to buy Russell Brunson’s book directly from his website.

And the best thing is you can also get audio version of book if you are not into reading or you have any eyesight issue you can simply get version of book from his website.


I really loved reading this book packed with so many great advices. And if you implement all the strategies Russell tells inside the book you will definitely see a great change in your business well of course in good sense. I totally recommend this book.

You can finally establish your own business, build a good fan following and create amazing offers to competite your competitors.

And you are no longer left on the mercy of facebook and seen messages. Rather than this you have a great following, you have active buyers you can sell your product whenever you want. So that’s why I will suggest you to read excerpt secrets for your business and for your better future

And a little prayer for you all that Ai hope you all earn great profit in your businesses.